We will have Tattoo contests not only for Artists but also for attendees to get FREE Ink. This will give everyone a chance to play
Small Color Small Black n Grey Surprise Comp Best of Day
Best Script Best Color Fusion Best Neo Best of Day
Big Color Big Black n Grey Best of Day Best of Show
Painting and Art competition
Artists competitions of airbrushing, oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, and many other mediums. Art will be displayed at event for a CASH prize. Maximum size 18x24 inches or equivalent. Any larger WILL NOT be accepted. 10$ entry required to join. A vote will be given to every attendee with purchase of entry to Expo. With enough kids under 18 entering, a new category will be made to accommodate. So spread the word. ONLY 1 entry per Artist. No exceptions
Trophies by James Flores