There will be over 80 artists ready for your Tattoo requests.

Artists will be on hand live tattooing throughout the weekend.

Appearing Artists list

List is subject to change and grow.

Please continue to submit applications.

Links to each artists portfolios will be attached as applications are finished up.

Click links to contact or view artists work. ⬇️


Seminar June 17th 9-11:30am

$150 per person limited to 20 artists

Hosted by


Best of Show 22’

Aldo Gallegos

Logan Fle

Jerry Fierro


Eric Guzman

Josh Shawn


Mark Perez

Jason Marcus


Ben Shaw

Jayden H

Luna Void

Rebecca Daniel

Damon Kizer

Mark Paxton

Traz Hill

Danny Grajeda

Chelsey Moore

Stefany Barbosa


Luigi Hinojos


Jesse Whitley

Matthew West

Sammy D

Claudia Roman

Skyler Loving

Sergio Benitez

Jon Vega

Robert Herrera

Mia Sule

DJ Thames


Samantha Garcia

Kristina Tafoya

Coby Porter

Randy Lee

Daniel Garza

Jeremy Wood

Hannah Wood

Ted picon

Done n Cane


Sarah Ditto

Savy Wright

Kimberly Turner

Carlos Cordova

Eddie Gutierrez

Tony sabado

Oz Ortiz


Missy Burdock


Dennis Sisson

Xavier Cisneros

Eddy Elizalde

Ricky Ramirez

Daniel Diaz

Timothy Marry

James Hieb

Ali Morgainne

Andrew Duran

Guest Piercers


Julie West

Stormy Stone

Sarah Miller

Micro blading

Cinni Castaneda

Massage Therapy

Jason Sanchez

Funnest way to get Tattooed.

Tattoos not your thing? Temporary Tattoos will also be available. we also will have games and activities for all ages.