There will be over 60 artists ready for your tattoo requests.
Artists will be on hand live tattooing throughout the weekend.
Appearing Artists list
List is subject to change and grow. Please continue to submit applications.
Links to each artists portfolios will be attached as applications are finished up.
Mike Diaz Sunken City Ink
Jason Elliot
Jordi Alejandro Pla
James Flores Scorpion Tattoos
Logan Fleharty Scorpion Tattoos
Jerry Fierro Independent Ink
Billy Porter Porterhouse Ink
Bamba Lupercio Puppeteer Ink
Eric Guzman
Josh Shawn
Tony Guerrero
Stephany Barbosa
Chance Hulse
Damon Kizer Dark Knight Art
Mark Perez Mesa St. Tattoos
Royale Ochoa
Luigi Hinojos
Mark Paxton
Diane Basler White
Spider Hernandez Spiders Twisted Art
Rebecca Daniel
Arturo Garcia Familia Tattoo
Joe Vincent Franco
Claudia Roman
Andres Garcia
Coby Porter
Jay’s Classy Tats
DJ Thames
Shiloh Richardson
Travis Pardue
Kristy Reeves
Casey Garcia
Mike D
Vincent Dexter
Funnest way to get Tattooed.
Tattoos not your thing? Temporary Tattoos will also be available. we also will have games and activities for all ages.
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